Douglas Tait



I am a communications design consultant who provides strategic criteria-based brand thinking, communications design, and project management services for a range of companies and nonprofit organizations.

My practiced approach assures that audiences are reached to affect the intended results while every project is managed effectively from procurement to completion.

By implementing strategies, understanding client objectives, and utilizing design principles, my services provide effective solutions to client business objectives and challenges. 

Short-list experience includes:
strategic criteria-based branding
• brand standards and guidelines
• brand management and compliance
• shareholder and financial reports
• informational publications
• websites and social media marketing
• and a wide range of capabilities, services and products.

In addition, it's my attitude for professionalism and dedication which is valued and trusted by clients and employers alike.

As a professional, my inherent approach to communications design manifests itself in creating strong and effective products. Whether simple or complex, each requires a unique, compelling, and passionate expression based upon the foundation of well-conceived, well-written, well-designed, and well-managed brand standards and style guides

Project Management

As a project manager, it’s my clients, employers, strategic management consultants, and collaborators alike, who don’t engage me to draw pretty pictures, but instead to address and solve bottom-line business concerns and challenges

Client Problem-solving

With my direct approach to addressing client problems, solutions begin with a short-list of providing: critical thinking, task analysis, and criteria development; product/project exploration and direction; defining informational architecture and emphasis relationships; considering user experience nuances; vendor procurement, selection, and liaison involving the engagement of designers, photographers, illustrators, web and product coders, traditional and digital printers, architects, and fabricators; coordinating with client-side executives, officers, and managers as required; and finally by design (color, typography, grid, layout, continuity), approvals, and production – culminating with the intended positive results

Or, as one executive client said to his colleague, ‘Just call Douglas, he’ll take care of it.’


As a design consultant, I evaluate brand and product effectiveness, define project criteria, and identify opportunities so that fresh design thinking may be explored, defined, and applied to maximize strategic initiatives for the client.

When engaged to develop a brand or product, it’s my application of proven design disciplines that provide the confidence to recommend changes to provide for successful outcomes


When engaged to join a team, my inherent approach to communications design manifests itself in cre

Client Results

It’s this methodology which builds brand recognition, loyalty, and trust – the results of which may be measured in increased awareness, value, and engagement.

Client Trust

I earn long-term trust through my commitment to quality, efficiency, and taking accountability for results. Whether I’m collaborating with client teams or management consultants, clients have stated that it’s my knowledge of design as a business tool, my dedication to excellence, my currency with design technology, my inherent organizational skills, and my personal commitment to success that enable brands, products, and initiatives to be successfully realized

And modestly, it’s the practical approach described above, that enriches advancement of clients’ missions and strengths – fostering continued success.