Client Challenges & Solutions

UNICEF Headquarters

Brand & Asset Management, Special Projects


UNICEF, Geneva

Financial Reports, Dynamic Publishing,
Conference Material


United Nations
Development Programme (UNDP)

With its presence in developing countries around the globe, the task of UNDP is monumental. Working with the communications director and programme directors, TaitDesign® has assisted these efforts by providing: annual reports, disaster relief material, informational reports and publications for its offices in New York, Geneva and Oslo.

• 2008 Annual Report
• Mine Action Division, Conference Material
• Adopt-An-Island, Tsunami Recovery Campaign
• Democratic Governance Reports
• Development and Informational Reports
• Campaign Reports



UNDP's Tsunami recovery fundraising campaign, 2005 – 2007, for the 1,200+ island country of the Maldives including this spread from this 78-page final report.



Communications, Compliance, Human Resources


Kidder Peabody Properties

Investment capital prospectuses


New York Telephone

Clean and sober employees are a most valuable resource. New York Telephone's Human Resources initiated this substance abuse campaign to extend a 'lifeline' to its employees in 1991. The campaign included:

• Poster
• Brochures
• Wallet-card

The message was a sobering success.


UNDP, Adopt-An-Island Campaign

UNDP's Tsunami recovery fundraising campaign, 2005 – 2007, for the 1,200+ island country of the Maldives including:

• Campaign Awareness Package (including folder, island fact-sheets and brochure)
• Email Promotion
• Website (monthly progress newsletters)
• Final Brochure and Report



UNICEF Headquarters



Parker Hannifin

Updates to Brand Standards Manuals.


Jefferies Group

As a professional investor relations group, Jefferies serves its clientele on many footings. Services included:

• Capabilities Brochure
• Corporate Luncheon Program Brochure
• Collateral Material


7x24 Exchange

Working with the principals of a management consulting firm, we recommended a name change from the Uninterruptable Uptime Users Group to the more appropriate, and easier to read and say, 7x24Exchange. This solution expanded the group's reach, expanded its membership, created regional chapters and provided greater validity to the facilities management arena. 1991 – 2004

• Rebranding & Renaming
• Trademark and Positioning Phrase
• Online Identity Guidelines and Files
• Website and Newsletters
• Semi-annual Conference Material
• Collateral Material



The primary brand of the Franklin Toiletry Company in Manhattan, Barbershop™ 'old-fashioned' men's shaving products was one of the most exclusive and successful specialty gift lines in the country in the 1970s – 1980s. 

• Product Design
• Consumer Packaging Program
• Product Expansion
• Brand Building Posters
• Advertising
• Product Catalogs
• Photoshoot Direction

The 1984 product catalog, shown above, received a 'Print' magazine design award. 


Shelly Palmer

Rebranding, Nomenclature Branding, Website


United Nations Association
of the USA

Rebranding, Divisional Communications, Membership and Informational Brochures, Annual Reports


Adopt-A-Minefield Campaign

An international fundraising campaign, created by UNA-USA, with goodwill ambassadors Ms. Heather Mills and Sir Paul McCartney, helped to rid war-torn countries from the leftover scourge of landmines in farmland, family gardens, kitchens, trails to schools and playgrounds. 1999 – 2004

• Logotype
• Marketing and Collateral Material
• Website
• Fundraising Event Invitations & Material

The first annual fundraising dinner in June 2001 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles was a black-tie, red-carpet, star-studded, VIP event. It featured Sir Paul McCartney and Paul Simon on stage, with Jay Leno as the MC.


ALKCO Lighting

Collaborating with an advertising agency in Manhattan, I was given the task of updating this Chicago-based lighting company's technical product sheets and marketing material:

• 3-inch Thick, 3-ring Product Binder
• Technical Product Sheets
• Technical Drawings, Charts and Tables
• Product Sales Materials and Catalogs
• Information Organization
• Photoshoot Direction