UNICEF NYC Headquarters, Geneva & Panama

REBRANDING: In 2017, UNICEF launched its 'for every child' campaign. A team endeavor by many, including a worldwide audit, my contributions included overall brand consultation, a creating the new 'for every child' signature*. Services including creating digital assets in multiple languages and formats, a new vibrant color palette, advertising formats/mockups, presentations for executive approval, typography, priority emphasis, initial development of nomenclature system, and exploration of initial brand guidelines — provided to the organization's 190 country offices through its asset management intranet system.

UNICEF lobby. As stated by a senior executive, 'who wouldn't want to be greeted each day by the smile of a child.'

Rebranded color palette

Brochure for UNICEF's Education Division highlighting 2017 data

SPECIAL PROJECTS for the Brand Building & Brand Management Sections, the Private Fundraising & Partnerships Division, the Communications Division, and the Executive Office include: Exhibits, Staff Memorial, Financial Reports, 70th Anniversary Campaign, Special Event Support, Interior Branding, Internal Audits and Reports, Exterior Branding & Signage, Interior Wayfinding, Publications, PowerPoint® templates, brand papers and presentations, and more…

As the Senior Brand Design Consultant and Advisor, 2012–2016, my responsibilities included: project recommendations, scheduling, procurement for budget approvals, vendor liaison and supervision, zoning and fire codes, and working with facility managers, property management, architects, and other players.

Exhibit entry

New York Headquarters, lobby entrance, gathering, and entry to exhibit, conference, and event areas.

The results of audits, surveys, and other data are carefully collected and presented as appropriate to internal sectors.

Side view of Memorial as light is projected through the etched glass onto the cloth wall panel.


Staff Memorial. A sobering reminder of the dedication of colleagues lost.

Brochures, 1991–1997, design work of Kelleher & Tait Design Group, Inc.

22ft x 15ft school children image at rear lobby elevator banks


Financial Reports

Street-level, courtyard window promotion of the 70th Anniversary. (Mock-up image)

Street-level, courtyard window promotion of the 70th Anniversary. (Mock-up image)


70-year 'Timeline,' 36-feet


Special Anniversary acknowledgment

Booklets, 1991-1997, designed by the Kelleher & Tait Design Group, Inc.

Booklets, 1991-1997, designed by the Kelleher & Tait Design Group, Inc.

NY Headquarters, Card & Gift Shop window signage

*The UNICEF logotype was created by Wolff Olins in 2001 and is the intellectual property of the United Nations Children's Fund.