UX/UI/IA: Front-End

Planning, Thinking, Systems, Design, Wireframing, and Prototyping

Design thinking, user-experience, and user-interface are overlapping elements of a fluid process when creating an app, a website, or a presentation. Flexible messaging, as well as flexible functionality, needs to be anticipated and built into every frame to optimize the experience for the viewer. 

Affective clicks, swipes, and taps are the results of the iterative, design-system process to provide users with a positive experience quickly and easily.


• Consultation
• Strategy
• Scheduling & Planning
• Collaboration
• Design Thinking
• Information Architecture
• Intuitive Hierarchy
• Grid-Based

• Mock-Ups
• Design Systems
• Design Specifications
• Testing & Validation
• Layout & Wireframing
• Prototyping
• Approval Cycles
• Presentations
• Deadlines
• Asset Management
• Developer Handoff

• Adobe® XD CC
• Adobe® Photoshop CC
• Adobe® Illustrator CC
• SquareSpace®
• History of HTML/CSS coding
• History of Adobe® Flash
• Pen & Paper
• Tablet