Since 1994, from basic html, adding css, using Flash for elements or entire websites, html-emails, to more complex HTML/CSS, Adobe® Muse, and currently with constant changes and requirements, and responsive requirements, TaitDesign® now uses and recommends template-based website platforms. Why? The back-end is always current, issues are addressed and solved. The client owns its website and is not held hostage to special-code.  

Vanguard Documentaries, by Charles Hobson

The abundance use of show/hide on this old-school HTML/CSS website added visual interest to the navigation menu and to individual navigation elements while keeping the pages simple and clean. The site's heading, Charles Hobson presents Vanguard Documentaries was animated and entered from the left using Flash. 

Franklin-DeLoach Group

Designed in pen and paper. Prototyped directly in HTML/CSS where content, color, fonts, spacing can be changed on the fly creating any look providing a real-world environment for the client to see not only how the site looks, but how it preforms and functions with them at the keyboard. Not visible on these thumbnails, the name of the company swept in from the left, letter by letter, past the end-point and settled into position, with the tagline following into position creating exclamation point for this media company. The site was never produced, yet rich in history and intent.


Shelly Palmer, "as seen on TV…

A new branding system is nothing but a logotype, typeface (font), and color palette without its proper use on applications. Mr. Palmer's primary platform was the web for everything from his daily morning MediaBtyes™ video stream about the media and tech news for your business day.


Shelly Palmer, Get Digital™

Get Digital™, a sub-brand and the title of one of Mr. Palmer's books, provides and details how to improve one's everyday skills to communicate and do business in a rapidly expanding digital age.


Shelly Palmer, Digital Living™

As any business model changes, and one in the digital arena needs to be ahead of the curve. Digital Living™ provided the business audience with daily 'front content' while retaining base content just a click away.

Bistango Ristorante, Manhattan

When expansion of a neighborhood (secret) becomes a more than a reliable staple and then gathers traction enough to grow, one must accommodate with an additional location which happens to be within a destiny hotel. One concept (more or less), gluten-free options, two locations, two chefs, two menus. One domain. Split website. 

New York City's Original Bistango:


Bistango at the Kimberly Hotel:

2012 represented a branding change and the end of simpler times. The last hand-coded, HTML/CSS, Bistango site: 


7x24 Exchange

Although this dates back a few years, providing graphic guidelines on how to use a new branding program properly across chapters worldwide required the world wide web.


United Nations Development Programme

Tsunami recovery came in many forms in the Maldives. The Adopt-An-Island campaign kept its donors informed with monthly emails linked to its web-based eNewsletter.

Bistango Ristorante at East 29th Street

Updating a website is key to returning viewers, and absolute for restaurant patrons. The website design for this establishment changed about one a year while maintaining its traffic and adjusting to a fast-changing neighborhood.

UX/UI Website Services

UX/UI is not new to this designer. Some of the terms and software have changed, but the methodology of design is always focused on the user, the audience, pathways, and the intended result.