"If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there."
— Lewis Carroll

Douglas Tait has always taken a design systems approach to branding and communications. It's a process engaged to reach intended audiences quickly and effectively to affect positive change and to build brand recognition, promise, and loyalty.

The results are measured in increased awareness, value, and engagement.

















Douglas is consultant specializing in strategic criteria-based branding, brand standards and guidelines, brand compliance, shareholder and financial reports, informational publications, websites and social media marketing, and a range of graphic design capabilities, services and products.

By implementing strategies, understanding client objectives, and utilizing design principles, my services provide effective solutions to client challenges. 

In addition to these solutions which are found to be invaluable in a range of diverse markets, it's an attitude for professionalism and dedication which is valued and trusted by clients and employers alike.

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CV / Résumé 2018
References Available

Right Temperament

About this time of year, in 2008, I was finishing a project for Capital Guardian (Capital Group, corporate pensions and investments) in Rockefeller Center.

Recently, I had the opportunity to ask the client why he selected me to be the designer on the project.

He stated, "I hired you because of your design concepts, strong portfolio, and because you had the right temperament for the large project on hand."

He also recalled, "The project involved C-level stakeholders, a multitude of presenters, dozens of animations, large-scale event graphics, and dozens of PowerPoint® files for this high-profile, million-dollar event for over 500 client attendees [corporate pension officers] in San Francisco and Manhattan."

At the time, I had used PowerPoint® once, which I openly shared during the interview. I had a week to prepare knowing little about the project. However, design thinking is targeted, critical, and strategic — and what I bring to every post and/or project.

Now ten years later, the client is still pleased with his decision to hire my services. Neither of us knew that my contributions would lead me to informally hold the title of Creative Director [his words] on the project. 

Long-Term Trust

A client since the 1990s, UNICEF, has had a working relationship with me through its multiple offices and senior management. 

During my four-year commitment (2012-2016) as Senior Brand Design Consultant and Advisor at UNICEF's headquarters in New York, I was engaged to define and strengthen the organization's international brand presence, and its brand guidelines, compliance, foundation, and structure.

My work included critical contributions to the UNICEF | for every child rebranding program and campaign launched in 2017.




UNICEF Headquarters

Updated branding manuals and guidelines. Design, support, asset management, and implementation of the 'UNICEF | for every child' rebranded design system.

UNICEF Headquarters

Special milestones and other internal high-visibility branding projects such as exhibits, gift shop signage, and interior graphics.

UNICEF Headquarters

Multiple special projects, such as this Staff Memorial, for the Communications and Executive Offices.

UNICEF, Geneva

Financial reports, dynamic publishing, conference and collateral material.

Brand Expansion and Continuity

Rebranding, websites, signage, and social media marketing for the Original 29th Street and Kimberly Hotel locations.

SquareSpace® Website Design

Although having years of experience in html/css coding, it's often in the client's interest to have and maintain control over its property.

UX/UI Website Services

UX/UI is not new to this designer. Some of the terms and software have changed, but the methodology of design is always focused on the user, the audience, pathways, and the intended result.

Shelly Palmer

As seen on TV news as everyone's favorite 'tech-guru', in 2008, Shelly Palmer required the rebranding of his media communications. Brand, website, product banners, seminar material, etc.

Shelly Palmer

Layers of menus and drop-downs leading the user to the proper destination and back without fear. Before UX/UI, prototyping for client review was presented using real-world, hands-on, HTML/CSS.

United Nations Development Programme

Tsunami recovery came in many forms in the Maldives. The Adopt-An-Island campaign kept its donors informed with monthly emails linked to its web-based eNewsletter.

7x24 Exchange

Working with management consultants to generate and implement a name change, this rebranding increased membership and opened chapters around the world which required online graphic standards and assets.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Sometimes a simple brochure inviting guests to a special conference is best delivered in print. 


Branding for a specially bonded material and product line for sports support systems and injury recovery. 

United Nations Development Programme

Support for a country rebuilding and looking toward a better future.

United Nations Development Programme

Work doesn't end after recovering from a devastating Tsunami. Development continues for this 1,200+ island nation. 

United Nations Development Programme

The UNDP Mine Action group raise awareness and  support for those on the ground ridding playgrounds, pathways, farmlands, and backyards of the landmine scourge. 


Seven years of creative solutions for the Communications, Compliance, Human Resources, and other divisions at MetLife's headquarters.

Flexor Sports Training

The name change and rebrand provided this muscle-memory method of golf training the swing it needed.

United Nations Development Programme

Design and production of multilingual reports are the norm since 1993. This client was based in Norway. I often never meet my international clients. 

Jefferies Group

As a professional investor relations group, Jefferies serves its clientele on many footings. 

Small Business Branding

This start-up, data-driven, consultancy wanted to stand out from its competition. Typography set it apart. 

H.A. Simons International

Working with management consultants, this rebranding provided a stronger visual foundation for this international corporation based in Vancouver, B.C.

Design Systems

Identities never stand alone. They are a key element in nomenclature systems, publication systems, signage, stationery, packaging, advertising, website, and social media.

United Nations

Credit to the principals of the Kelleher & Tait Design Group for collaborating on the design for this international conference. Poster, promotion and collateral material, and 3D stage setting.

Annual & Financial Reports

Whether corporate or organizational, financial reports are a primary medium to reach shareholders and stakeholders on an annual basis. 

Model U.N.

Who hasn't heard of the Model U.N.? An important lesson for those students able and honored to participate both locally and globally.

Human Resources Campaigns

HR is the life blood of a company. In this case, for New York Telephone, it truly was with this campaign combatting substance abuse within its ranks.

Brand Expansion Fulfilled

When a simple idea for an old-fashioned gift line of men's shaving products — mug, brush, and soap — became so popular the company expanded its product line and sales with a catalog, advertising, and point-of-purchase.

Digital Media

UNICEF 70th Anniversary Exhibit

Exhibit design is one of the high-value, high-visibility services available at TaitDesign®.

Bistango at 29th Street

For more than ten years, Douglas Tait has been designing, managing and producing Bistango's brand, website, advertising, and social media marketing.


Consistent branding, flexible messaging

One of hundreds.


Personal Messaging

Marketing ahead of the curve.



More than a few. The most valued are the handwritten notes from clients. Better than any award.



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Douglas Tait
Principal and Creative Director

Everything Communicates®

Greater New York Area


CV / Résumé 2018
References Available



Design Services

• Criteria Development
• Concept Development
• Visual Audit & Analysis
• Branding & Rebranding
• Brand Compliance
• Corporate Identity Systems
• Nomenclature Development
• Publication Composition
• Typography Composition
• Multilingual Composition
• File/Format Composition
• UX/UI Website Composition
• Content Management
• Art Direction
• Photo Selection
• Photoshoot Direction
• Image Manipulation
• Production Supervision
• Social Media Composition
• Charts & Tables

Software, Mac & PC

Adobe® CC
InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Spark, XD, Dimension, Bridge, (Muse, Dreamweaver)

Microsoft® 360
Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, (Excel, Sharepoint)



UX/UI Services

• Consultation
• Strategy
• Scheduling & Planning
• Collaboration
• Design Thinking
• Information Architecture
• Intuitive Hierarchy
• Grid-Based
• Mock-Ups
• Design Systems
• Design Specifications
• Testing & Validation
• Layout & Wireframing
• Prototyping
• Approval Cycles
• Presentations
• Deadlines
• Asset Management
• Developer Handoff
• Adobe® XD CC
• Adobe® Photoshop CC
• Adobe® Illustrator CC
• SquareSpace®
• History of HTML/CSS coding
• Pen & Paper


• Annual Reports
• Trademarks & Service Marks
• Identity & Brand Guidelines
• Capabilities Reports
• Financial Reports
• Literature & Publications
• Brochures
• Book Covers
• Posters
• Signage (Interior & Exterior)
• Product Packaging Systems
• Product Catalogs
• Collateral Materials
• UX/UI Website Design
• Social Media Marketing
• Training Manuals
• Conference Materials
• Presentations (PPT & PDF)
• Special Event Materials
• Exhibits
• Internal Communications
• Human Resources Campaigns
• Fundraising Campaigns
• Advertising


• Task Analysis
• Project Supervision
• Scheduling
• Estimating
• Vendor Selection
• Vendor Management
• Production Management
• Coordination
• Project Tracking
• File Organization
• Asset Management
• Client Relations
• Staff Management
• Time & Expense Management
• Best-Practice Procedures



Everything Communicates®
Every report, sign, ad, website, brochure and package with your company’s brand leaves an indelible impression on your audience. This must be consistent and positive — every time.

Strategic Positioning & Criteria Development
Analytical thinking, based on real-world criteria, creates client-specific positioning which is my basis for successful strategic communications design. This proven method translates into increased visibility, sales, trades and awareness.

Strategic Direction
I concur with the words of Lewis Carroll, 'When you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there.' One must have a solid path to assure success.

Audience-Targeted, Positive Impression
By carefully identifying and targeting client audiences, my services ensure a positive response in the intended marketplace.

Invest in Value
When you have important business requirements to fulfill, turn to experienced, cost-effective, dependable and industry-proven design firms and consultants.

Success Delivered
The consistent positive results derived from my services make TaitDesign® a valued resource for many companies and organizations.

Dedication to Success
As principal and creative director of TaitDesign®, I am dedicated to the success of my clients. I listen to my clients' goals and concerns, and then create, produce and deliver visual tools to affect my clients’ diverse audiences.

Bank on Experience
When you call upon my aesthetic and design principles, you're banking on years of professional industry experience and disciplines.

Hands-On Reliability
TaitDesign® is a reliable resource built on my hands-on expertise and reputation for delivering clean and crisp, professional design services.

Digital, Printing, Writing & Editing, Photography, Illustration
Although TaitDesign® provides personal consultation and services, I also take a team approach to providing solutions when needed. I only work with those who are valued, proven, and trusted in their individual professions.

Challenge = Solution
I provide visual solutions to both simple and complex business challenges. Let's begin a dialogue to discuss what I can do to fulfill your business goals.

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Award-Winning Service
My foremost concern is the success of my clients. However, I also appreciate the recognition of professional peers. I am pleased to have been honored with many design awards over the years for my work in solving clients' visual business challenges.

Of course, my favorites are not the awards at all. They are the handwritten letters of thanks from clients. 




• Adopt-A-Minefield
• Barbershop, Franklin Toiletry
• Capital Guardian, Capital Group
• Carnegie Council
• Condé Nast
• Kidder Peabody Properties
• Harry Gitlin Lighting
• Institute for Democracy Studies
• J.M. Huber Corporation
• John Jay College
• MetLife
• Model UN
• Moors & Cabot
• Myron Manufacturing
• NYC Taxi & Limousine Comm.
• Roy Lichtenstein Estate
• Shelly Palmer
• UNICEF Headquarters, New York
• UNICEF, Geneva
• UNICEF, United States Fund
• United Nations
• UN Development Group
• UN Development Programme (UNDP)
• UNDP, Maldives
• UNDP, Norway
• UNDP, Democratic Governance Group
• UNDP, Mine Action
• United Nations Population Fund
• United Nations Assn. of the USA (UNA-USA)
• Vanguard Documentaries
• Westvaco Paper
• Wygota & Blake Architects
• Xerox Education Publications
…and many others



• Alkco Lighting
• Citicorp
• DiscoverCard
• Ensign Bank
• Fabrifoam
• Flexor Sports Training
• Jefferies Group
• Leggett & Platt
• Manufacturers Hanover 
• The Morton Forum
• New York Telephone
• Parker Hannifin
• Quality Care
• 7x24 Exchange (UUUG)
• H.A. Simons International
• Technimetrics
• Tishman Construction
• Tocqueville
• Westvaco Paper

With management consulting firms, advertising agencies, and marketing firms.


• AT&T
• Bankers Trust
• Beneficial Insurance
• City Investing Company
• Deutsche Bank
• First American Bank
• International Flavors & Fragrances
• International Paper 
• Ivan Boesky & Company  
• Morgan Stanley
• New York Stock Exchange
• Nuveen
• Oppenheimer Funds
• PaineWebber
• Parker Hannifin
• Public Securities Association
• Sandoz Pharmaceuticals
• Standard Brands

** As Design Director



1997 – Present
Principal & Creative Director
Communications Design
Manhattan, NY

2012 – 2016
Senior Brand Design Consultant and Advisor
UNICEF Headquarters
Brand Management, Brand Building
International Organization for Children's Rights
Manhattan, NY

1991 – 1997
Founding Partner, Creative Director
Kelleher & Tait Design Group, Inc.
Corporate & Institutional Communications Design
Manhattan, NY

1985 – 2005
Design Director, Affiliate
Axiom Group, Inc.
Strategic Management & Communications,
Corporate Identification & Guidelines

Manhattan, NY
Harrison, NY

1984 – 1991
Design Consultant
R.A. Danzig, Inc.
Marketing Communications
Manhattan, NY

1985, 1986
Design Director
Shareholder Reports, Inc.
Corporate Annual Reports
Manhattan, NY

1984 – 1985, 1986
Design Director
Brian O’Neill Design Office
Corporate Identification & Guidelines
Corporate Annual Reports

Manhattan, NY

Complete listing:
CV / Résumé 2018
References Available



1975 – 1979
School of Visual Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Corporate Identity Systems and Guidelines, Branding, and Visual Communications
Manhattan, NY

Continuing EDucation

I'm always learning and updating my skills. Software and best-procedures change constantly. If I don't know something, I look it up. I make it mine.


Design Awards

• American Corporate Identity
• Graphic Design: USA
• Print Magazine
• Strathmore Paper
• Graphically Bold
• Printing Industries of America
• MetLife, Outstanding Vendor Award